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Situated in a peaceful, picturesque region of the Upper Austrian Alps, Gomde is the ideal location to look inward and find harmony within yourself, and your environment.


Comfort and Safety

With the current pandemic in mind, we are even more committed to offering opportunities for practicing compassion and learning how to live mindfully in harmony with others.

We have grown and developed to create a safe and healthy environment according to local guidelines, and continue to provide comfortable accomodation for all guests.

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Learn and practice authentic Tibetan Buddhism and meditation

During seminars, in our daily meditation sessions, and in everyday life we try to develop and fully embody unbiased loving-kindness, compassion and wisdom through the training of our own minds.

Our seminars offer many possibilities for both experienced, practicing Buddhists, as well as beginners and interested people.

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2022 Upcoming Seminars

Weekly Evening SESSIONS

Monday Meditation
Calm Abiding 

with Lama Thierry

Every Monday at 7pm

Mind Trining

with Lama Thierry

Every Tuesday at 7pm

Seminar Weekends

Kind Heart,
Open Mind

with Lama Thierry

Monthly Weekend Series


with Erric Solomon

3rd - 6th June 

Diving Into

With Erric Solomon

11th - 13th June


THE TEACHER – Lama Thierry, a Swiss "yogi" will guide us in this training. After twelve years as a Buddhist monk (6 of them in retreat), Lama-la now resides at our center. He speaks from his own experience, finds vibrant everyday examples that we can identify with, and refers to his extensive knowledge of the Tibetan scriptures on the subject.

THE EXPERIENCE – The Buddhist mind training known as Lojong is a complete toolbox, full of easy-to-use exercises and methods to strengthen our compassion and bodhicitta. By learning how to focus and calm our mind with the meditation technique "shamata", we create a sound foundation to ground our mind training on. This simple, yet effective technique teaches us to direct our awareness, rather than being carried away by thoughts. Thereby we become able to use our mind in a more beneficial way for ourselves and others.

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The next best experience to exploring the exotic markets tucked away in the high Himalayas. 

In support of your practice, you can shop for dharma supplies, meditation tools, jewellery, books, statues, thangkas and more, from the comfort of your home. 

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