Material Properties of Malas


Wooden malas, which feel comfortably warm in the hand during mantra recitation are most popular amongst monks and nuns as they are relatively light, sturdy and long-wearing for many hours spent in meditative recitation.

Agate Wood Named 'agate wood' due to its natural resemblance to the beautiful patterns seen in agate stones. It is also called ‘tiger grain’ wood. 


Bodhi & Lotus Seeds Said to imbue special blessings from the land of Buddha Shakyamuni who attained complete enlightenment while meditating under the sacred Bodhi Tree. The seeds hold a special property to ‘enrich and multiply’ one's merit, and are generally cherished as auspicious. The beads will develop a lovely dark patina with use, due to the natural oils in one’s hands. Some Tibetans believe the darker the mala beads, the more merit accumulated by the practitioner!
Rudraksha Seed Rudraksha seed malas are imbued with a dynamic energy. In Tibetan Buddhism, they are recommended for wrathful activity while, in Hinduism, they are related to the forceful activity of Shiva.  Rudraksha beads grow naturally grooved into sections with 5 “faces” or facets, though they can on rare occasion possess anywhere from 1 to 21 facets.


Semi-precious gemstones have become popular in the West due to the specific healing properties associated with the minerals.

Rose Quartz As it is thought to have a direct influence on the heart chakra, rose quartz is said by many to help one develop a tranquil, loving, accepting state of mind.
Lapis Lazuli Renowned for its beauty and resemblance to a midnight sky. The flecks of mica are likened to stars. In the Tibetan culture, this regal natural stone is associated with strength, courage, and wisdom. It is also thought to boost the immune system, and help regulate blood pressure.
Onyx Onyx has long been regarded in Indian cultural as offering the wearer protection against all manner of negativity and boosting mental and physical strength.
Amethyst Amethyst is a violet colored quartz, and said by some to be a natural stress-reliever.
Clear (Crystal) Quartz Stunning in its translucent simplicity, clear quartz possesses all the unique qualities legendary among numerous spiritual traditions, East and West. Avalokitesvara, the Buddhist Lord of Compassion, clasps a crystal mala in his right hand as a symbol of tranquility and consoling. Crystal is regarded by Tibetan Buddhists as one of the 5 precious substances in this world.
Lavastone Made from solidified molten lava from the depths of the planet, lavastone, or basalt, is thought to have a grounding influence, imparting strength and stability in challenging times of change or unrest.
Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite is said to influence the heart chakra thereby increasing compassion and a mindset of loving acceptance.
Howlite Howlite is thought to impart calm and relaxation which can be an aid to insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind.
Agate TBC
Carnelian TBC
Lavender Jade TBC
Garnet TBC
Yellow Onyx TBC
Green Jade TBC
Hematite TBC