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Golden Kusha Grass Wand

Golden Kusha Grass Wand

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Composed of ‘kusha grass,’ the wand is a special ritual instrument dipped in water and used to lightly sprinkle one’s shrine offerings while uttering ram yam kham. In this way, the offerings are purified and consecrated. The wand’s handle is tightly bound with 5-colored threads to represent the 5 Buddha families.

What is kusha grass? Growing along marshy riverbanks, it is held sacred by yogis due its exceptional protective and mystical properties conducive to meditation. Essential to all Hindu and Buddhist ritual practices and initiations for countless millennium, it was the first offering made to Shakyamuni Buddha by Sottiya the Grass-cutter so that the Buddha could make his grass meditation mat under the Bodhi Tree. Upon that seat, he attained complete enlightenment.

What makes our wands unique? The kusha grass, imported from the Himalayas, is mingled with an extraordinary golden grass native to a nearly inaccessible region of central Brazil. Why is the golden grass so remarkable? When ordinary seeds are planted in this isolated expanse golden grass is produced, whereas everywhere else such seeds simply yield ordinary grass. This symbolizes the transformative attributes of Dharma practice whereby the ordinary becomes sanctified and extraordinary. The golden grass is also used in other traditions for cleaning the aura.

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