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Guru Rinpoche Thangka XIII

Guru Rinpoche Thangka XIII

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An inspiration and a support for your visualisation and meditation practices.

Here, Padmasambhava is depicted seated upon a multi-colored lotus, sun, and moon disc. Wearing the lotus crown, he is attired in the secret gown, monastic robe, and brocade cloak. With one face and two arms, he is seated in the royal vajra posture while displaying a slightly wrathful smiling expression. In his right hand, he holds a golden 5-pronged vajra. In his left hand, he clutches a skull cup containing a long-life vase. In the crook of his left arm, he cradles the tantric khatvanga trident staff, the hidden form of his divine consort. Seated above him, is blue Buddha Samantabhadra. Seated above his right shoulder is white Vajrasattva. Seated above his left shoulder is Garab Dorje. Seated close to his right knee is the renowned Indian Abbot Shantirakshita. Close to his left knee is Dharma King Trisong Deutsen.

In light of the rising cost of original thangka paintings, we are pleased to offer these thangka reproductions which are printed on canvas and enhanced with the addition of delicate strokes of golden paint by a skilled artist.

Measures 29 cm x 43 cm, 65 cm x 103 cm with brocade.

All of our thangkas are sourced directly from the makers in Nepal. The image is mounted into a textile frame of colourful Tibetan silk brocade, with a curtain for respectfully protecting when not in use.

Deity Qualities at a Glance

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